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If you want Cheap - Cheap, get a budgie

We've all had deliveries from local couriers. Orders fulfilled by online clothes retailers or bespoke gift stores use them as a cheap way to have their product delivered. They usually arrive in a jam packed car by a person who is doing an honest days work.

Now do you think this person really cares about you when they deliver your package? Do they know whether its a fragile vase or a pair of trainers?

These drivers are usually paid by the parcel/drop, the faster they deliver the more money they make, which is why they will often knock on your door wait 5 seconds before attempting to deliver to a neighbour (no signiture = no drop fee)

This is fine if you pay £3.95 for 3 - 5 days standard delivery but what about for your business? What if your product takes weeks to produce or is delicate piece of a machine?

This is when a same day dedicated vehicle delivery is worth the extra cost. Your goods are taken onto a vehicle, never touched until they reach their destination and handled with care and respect.

Visit for more information.

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