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During the Covid 19 pandemic, the country has been on lockdown with only essential workers allowed to travel and work more freely than other industries.

At this time, and as always we take the safety of our customers and the public very seriously. Our drivers have safety boots, gloves and hi visibility vests as standard. As well as eye and ear protection when required. We also have face masks when coming into closer contact but maintain the government advised 2 metre distancing measures.

We are currently providing electronic proof of deliveries without signature capture, however we are photographing our drop locations and still asking for names of staff accepting goods.

One day this will all be over, however we can always learn that we maybe need to be a bit more stringent in the way we work to avoid future outbreaks or passing on more commonly recognised viruses like cold and flu.

Our vehicles are cleaned regularly and can ensure customers they will have their consignments delivered safely.

Visit for more information or to book.

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