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Same day courier

You may or may not have heard the phrase 'same day courier'

To put it simply, a same day courier collects an item, whether it be a parcel or an important document and delivers it to a specified destination, direct.

This allows businesses to have more time producing, making or fabricating as they set the collection time, because a same day courier doesn't have to return to a local depot to put the consignment onto a larger truck like an overnight carrier (DHL, Parcelforce etc).

Same day couriers are more expensive than overnight carriers but you will pay for exclusive use of the driver and vehicle to transport your package to it's destination.

Like most businesses, all couriers aren't the same. If you want a 'man in a van' to deliver your goods for the cheapest possible price, there are lots.

If you want experienced, well presented drivers, with electronic proof of deliver on custom designed consignment notes.

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